Is There A Future For The Travel Industry?

The impact of the coronavirus in many industries has been very high. It has hit the travel industry especially hard, as we have seen with the millions of cancellations and the fall of some airlines and travel companies.

We cannot deny that the coronavirus’s impact in many industries has been very high and has affected the travel industry especially hard, as we have seen with the millions of cancellations and the fall of some airlines and travel companies.

What can we do to help the travel industry at a time like this?

The best and most appreciated in these moments of anxiety is NOT CANCEL trips and look for ways to change dates or postpone, as long as possible. And if you have not yet planned your next vacation or getaway, now is the perfect time to do so since the prices are very good and there are many offers to any part of the world.

Although there is no doubt that all human activity has both advantages and disadvantages, it is no less the responsibility of people to ensure that the effects of tourism are positive and contribute to the sustainable development of the activity.

But the question you are probably asking yourself is, is there a future for the travel industry considering the situation the sector is experiencing at the moment? If we take into account the UN predictions that we have reviewed above and the data that we are going to review below, the answer is a resounding YES.

Of course, it is hard to believe that, with the world’s economies reeling from the coronavirus pandemic that has been hitting the planet since the end of 2019 and that it has been especially primed with the tourism industry, canceling flights, hotel reservations, and cruises, we can say that there is a future for the tourism industry, an industry that before recovering will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and will be the protagonist of bankruptcies and consolidations in all sectors.

And the numbers can be even higher if we take into account the news and changes that many experts are predicting ten years from now. That as Ray Hammond predicts, “the number of airline passengers will double by 2040, consumers will demand a faster and more efficient travel experience, and the way we travel that we know today will change radically in the next 20 years”.

The objective of all online travel agencies, price comparators, travel pages, airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies, will be to adapt the offer to the new demand that we will begin to see very soon. The coronavirus crisis will cause an earthquake in the sector and the change in the way of seeing the travel industry and, of course, of traveling.

The take-off of virtual reality applied to the travel industry and according to a report on travel trends indicates that 61% of travelers believe that virtual reality and artificial reality experiences will help them better plan their trips, especially once 5G technology is more consolidated and tourism companies can create more immersive digital experiences with friends and family.

And finally, although we are convinced that the future of the travel industry has good prospects, we have to continue working to drastically improve the travel experience for the billions of people who will potentially be booking supersonic flights, ultra train tickets fast or self-driving rental cars in the next 20 years as the future is unpredictable. Sadly, no one knows what will happen.